FISMER, Raymond (Germany)

Title of contribution:

Reconciliation with Masculinity                         

From Fucking to Making Love. The Evolution of Masculine Sexuality

Where & when:

Panorama Thursday, 24th 16:45-18:00                                                     

Marabella II. Saturday, 26th 12:00-14:00       

Reconciliation with Masculinity

Throughout most of human history, warfare, violence and destruction have been the role of masculinity. Today we strongly criticize the crimes of patriarchy, and many conscious men carry a heavy burden of shame and guilt, blocking their energy. But at the same time we cannot ignore the creative, constructive role of the masculine in the evolution: innumerable artists, discoverers, thinkers, healers were men who developed our human culture. What if the two sides were interconnected? An integral understanding of the role of masculinity, that includes both the destructive and the constructive role, may lead to a reconciliation with masculinity. Evolution dearly needs the liberated, positive male energy to contribute to the future development. In the workshop we will explore the polarity of constructive and destructive masculine power through all stages of development, and attempt a ritual of reconciliation with our evolutionary role.

From Fucking to Making Love.
The Evolution of Masculine Sexuality

Masculine sexuality has a bad reputation. But from a developmental perspective it becomes clear that its violent and oppressive character is not imminent to masculinity as such, but is an expression of its egocentric forms. This gives us hope for the future; where does masculine sexuality evolve to? From egocentric satisfaction to authentic contact, from dirty to sacred, from hunting for the climax to holding the erotic energy, from discharge to multiple orgasms (the capacity of multiple orgasms even without ejaculation is a rarely known feature of male sexuality), from fucking to making love.

About Raymond Fismer

Born 1956, father of an adult son, physicist. Work experience in adult education and ecological engineering. 3-year trainer education at CoreDynamik©-Institut (based on depth-psychology, body therapy and breathwork). Working as administration officer for non-profit organizations, and self-employed as facilitator for ngo workshops, coach for relationship counselling, workshop leader for men. Author and researcher on male development. Board member of Integrales Forum.

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