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Integral Facilitator as we grow together

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Presentation: Integral Facilitator as we grow together

The Integral Facilitator rallying cry is “inner evolution for outer revolution.”

Our work is focused on the interpersonal — groups, teams, power dynamics, conflict, communication, collaboration. We practice being, working, playing and creating together, because we understand the quintessential human longing to grow, together.

When we study and apply subtle and powerful IF injunctions, drawn from the Integral map, we become more trustable conscious guides who can lend our courage and example to ‘make it easy’ for the collective.

This experiential workshop follows a playful path with purpose. We’ll bridge the profound with the practical, and pull on levers (with levity) that will challenge, support, delight and embolden all of us as more capable agents of evolution.

(The rest is a mystery, my friends, and you will certainly join us if you enjoy the discovery of novelty as much as I do!)

About Rebecca Colwell:

Rebecca is co-creator of the Integral Facilitator® certificate path, and the founder & CEO of Ten Directions. She is passionate about inspiring the practice of facilitative leadership to meet the challenges of a wide range of cultural and social issues. Rebecca’s warm, playful and irreverent style is grounded in her deep trust of what is. And she has a tenacious curiosity about what might be possible if we could amplify the brilliance of our inner evolution in service of social evolution.

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