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Growing 3 Kinds Of Educational Relationships

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Growing 3 Kinds Of Educational Relationships

Master, coach, or counselor.
Each represents a stage of development in terms of the relationship a teacher or school has with its students & parents.

Which stage of development is influencing a school’s or teacher’s approach?
What consequences does this have for a student, you as a parent or for the other teachers?
Engage more skillfully with your context by observing how stages & quadrants impact education.

In this interactive workshop we will:
-highlight the truths & strengths of each of the 3 stage’s approach to education
-list indicators across the 4 quadrants that reveal which stage is present
-provide strategies for how to develop & mature the relationships between all involved (student, parents & staff)

About Robert Macleod:

A teacher who keeps finding himself in leadership roles in schools that wish to develop. Rob’s taught in public & private schools in Canada, Germany & Belgium. He co-hosts the Reinventing Education podcast which aims to help school leaders, parents and students apply AQAL solutions to solve problems in their current educational contexts. Outside of school he’s a new dad & aspiring blues drummer.

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