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Deepening Meditation for Experienced Practitioners

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Presentation: Deepening Meditation for Experienced Practitioners

Meditation is one of the world’s oldest and most popular spiritual practices. It is now also the world’s most popular and researched psychotherapy, with a wider array of demonstrated psychological, physical, and spiritual benefits than any other psychotherapy. It is also one of the very few ways we know to accelerate stages of psychological development.
This workshop will draw from multiple contemplative traditions to offer meditations that can relatively quickly deepen and enrich one’s practice. There will also be one or more meditations that practitioners can use to find, explore, and enhance their unique contributions and work in the world.

About Walsh Roger:

Roger Walsh MD, Ph.D. DHL is professor of psychiatry, philosophy, and anthropology at the University of California where he researches meditation, wellbeing, and our global crises. His books include The World of Shamanism and Essential Spirituality, and his work has received over twenty national and international awards. He is a student, researcher, and teacher of several contemplative traditions and an authorized lama in Tibetan Buddhism. For more information see www.drrogerwalsh.com

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