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AQALAW: A call for Cultural Synthesis

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Presentation and Workshop: AQALAW: A call for Cultural Synthesis

Invoking the image of Gaian Politics: “Politics by the people, for the Earth and her Children” this workshop will explore what is needed to create cultural synthesis through integral practices, as a collective analog to the individual process of individuation.
All Quadrants, All Levels and All Worldstories is the foundation of a new approach to Cultural synthesis. A vision of creating new institutions in all sectors of society that operate on a new set of premises. Institutions that can catalyze a new level of co-creative evolution of both consciousness and cultural manifestations (art, business, politics, media, science, education and religion).
After a presentation of an integral perspective on politics, the participants will meditate on a selected political topic, asking: How does this issue look from the inner world and the perspective of spirit? By opening their heart and minds to a higher perspective, entirely new perspectives may arise. The common denominator in the group usually reveals important insights about 2nd tier politics (also called Gaian Politics).

About Rolf Jackson:

With a background as an M.Sc.E and training in quantum mechanics, Rolf has worked with esoteric research and practice since 1995. Rolf is the Author of the novel Grail Wars as well as a number of books in Danish ranging from quantum philosophy to mythology and fairy tales.
Rolf lives with his Partner Tea in Odense, Denmark and is currently working to create a new kind of intentional community focused on cultural synthesis and based on a mix of integral thinking and esoteric practices.

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