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Why Integral Practice is non-negotiable

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Toscana II.

Thursday, 24th May

Project: Why Integral Practice is non-negotiable

Integral Theory excels at putting our experiences into a meaningful context, making it a powerful tool to work with. Yet, it can not be simply taught or learned like any other theory: We are built in a way that only lets us look closely at things we are more or less free of. Where we aren’t free, we often have blindspots that sabotage our work and development.
This is why Integral Theory itself states that in order to understand and work with it, you need to apply it rigorously to your practice, creating an Integral Life Practice.
In this talk, Silas Hörler, author of the book “Integral Bodywork” goes into the dangers and pitfalls of an Integral Practice. We will pay special attention to shadow material and how it hides where we least expect it.
Everyone has blindspots. Let’s confront them and be the best we can be.

About Silas Hörler:

Having gone (and going) through a rigorous practice himself, Silas has been teaching Integral Bodywork and Leading shadow work groups for roughly six years, co-founding the Association for Integral Life Switzerland. After writing a practice book about the body module of ILP, he created YouTube channels that allow novices to build their own Integral Body Practice.
The experience he made with an uncompromising ILP, leads to the bottomline: The importance of practice can not be overstated!

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