MÜNZNER, Steffen (Brasil/Germany)

Title of contribution:

Engaging Wholeness with the Thinking Environment

Equality, Diversity and collective shadow

Where & when:

Saturday, 26th 15:30-16:45

Toscana II.
Thursday, 24th 12:00-14:00

Engaging Wholeness with the Thinking Environment

“In order to think for ourselves, we have to think AS ourselves.”
– Nancy Kline

In a Thinking Environment the thinker is in charge at any given moment. And can take more robust, integrally informed and wise decisions and actions.
In this workshop the participants will collectively experience and create a Thinking Environment (TE) for each other. The theoretically basis will be given and via various individual and group exercises the participants will get to know how it is not to listen to respond, but to listen to enable the finest whole-body thinking in others, so that they can think completely independently, considering what is really important to them. TE evens allows to work with shadow issues and limiting assumptions on individual and on group level.
By that, the thinker is encouraged and empowered to go beyond dualities and relative truths, but really connect to the whole and absolute truth.

Equality, Diversity and collective shadow

Since September 2013 Steffen Münzner host dialogues (with co-facilitators) in various Brazilianian cities on equality, diversity and collective shadow, with the intention to put the spotlight on what happens in the space between equality and diversity.
In our social holons we create for practical reasons systems where we create the people as equals, often ignoring that the people are different in terms of their value systems, sense-making processes and vertival development. If and how theses tensions can create collective shadows and social pathodologies is the topic of this presentation based on the experiences from the conversations in Brazil since September 2017.

About Steffen Münzner

In his work as consultant and coach Steffen assists professionals and organizations to develop new skills, behaviours, culture and processes in order to act successfully and consciously. He has a vast experience as group and process facilitator and is specialised in whole system/person change processes.
Currently he focuses on helping others to think as themselves. He is Integral Associate Coach (ICC) and based in Curitiba, Brazil.
Connect with Steffen: https://www.linkedin.com/in/smuenzner/

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