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Morning Embrace


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Morning Practice: Morning Embrace

Welcome to the Wider Embraces morning practice, a graceful way to start our day. Stina Deurell will guide us, and we will explore our interconnections, from our personal relations to Humanity and Planet Earth.

We will move through the concrete, to the subtle, to wider perspectives. Experiencing our unconditional belonging to everything we are part of, heal and align all the way up and down. We will take collective perspectives, transcending our personal viewpoint and let new insights emerge.

We end with breathing in and out the unfoldment of everything we are part of, sensing the immense complexity of being. Welcome!

About Stina Deurell:

Stina Deurell is the founder of Wider Embraces, and it has been her primary focus since 2012. Stina was one of the leading members of Malmö Integral and on the board of Holma College of Holistic Studies. She is a creative and renowned nature photographer, a web developer and graphic designer. Since the 70ties Stina has been part of the Swedish environmental movement. She holds a third-degree black belt in Aikido, has practised both TM and Zen meditation and is a Reiki master.

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