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“Bodywork” – Experience your way of growing up and waking up

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Thursday, 24th May

Project: “Bodywork” – Experience your way of growing up and waking up

Bodywork is a way of self experience in nondual point of view based on body consciousness. It works with phisical, energetical and consciousness ‘body’ and uses methods of dance therapy, meditation, constellation, psychodrama, flow and nondual teachings. Bodywork can reach and have an impact on every level of consciousness (ladder of Wilber) beginning from the early W0 to the nondual experiences of W10 and behind.
On this workshop we bring to life the theory of Wilber “growing up and waking up”, which means, that our personality has to be healthy enough, a grown up to be able to serve our real being. Waking up means, if awareness is strong enough can support the process of growing up and lead to experience of our real truth. After a warm up and connecting the we-space we invite with movement excercises situations of growing up and with movement meditation we attempt to expand the consciousness to be able to proceed on the way to wake up. Then free movement to merge these experiences.

About Szandra Veréb:

My name is Szandra Veréb, I am an Integral Counselor, so called Bodywork (nondual self experience approach) group facilitator and Oriental dancer. Our aim is to bring spiritual and physical experience closer and show that our body and the field contain every information and opportunity for us to connect, develop and wake up. We would like to introduce on international level the method of ’Bodywork’ as well, which is a highly integrated and nondual approach for self experience.


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