PATTEN, Terry (United States)

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Co-Creating a New Republic of the Heart                                   

A New Republic of the Heart: Reasserting Wholeness in a Time of Fragmentation

Where & when:

Toscana II.
Saturday, 26th 15:30-16:45

Toscana (Main)
Sunday, 27th 09:30-10:00

Co-Creating a New Republic of the Heart

We have all received our papers-a draft notice sent by the living Earth, the rivers and mountains and skies and seas. Human civilization is in crisis—now. When we report for duty we find ourselves exactly where we started, but also arriving at a monastery that is paradoxically also the mountain encampment of a dedicated revolutionary cadre.

In this seminar we will drop into sacred space, accept our draft papers and drop together into dreaming a new dream, telling a new story, and creating a new world—a new republic of the heart. The work of the integral practitioner suddenly has new significance. We are activated and empowered when we understand the connections between our consciousness, our relationships, our communities, our Earth, and our expression.

We will co-create deep Integral We-Space in the context of our shared morality, and allow it to activate and quicken our connections to one another. This seminar will be a sacred ceremony, an initiation, and a celebration.

About Terry Patten

TERRY PATTEN. is a philosopher, consultant, social entrepreneur, and author of A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries and Integral Life Practice (with Ken Wilber et al). He conducted over 100 illuminatinpublic conversations “Beyond Awakening.” He founded and leads Bay Area Integral. As a social entrepreneur he founded Tools For Exploration, in the field of consciousness technologies, and is now involved in restorative redwood forestry and fossil-fuel alternatives.

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