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An Integral Lens on Patrick Geddes (Acad)

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Sunday, 27th May

Project: An integral lens on Patrick Geddes

Patrick Geddes is a significant figure in the landscape and urban planning canon. Responding in the early 20th century to the problems of industrialization, Geddes advanced a socioecological understanding of urbanism, and he viewed cities as the principal artifact of, and theater wherein, human culture evolves. Framed through the lens of contemporary metatheories, we present Geddes as a proto-integral thinker and suggest that integral theory allows for a greater appreciation of his contributions. We explore this topic by first providing an introductory primer to some of Geddes’ noteworthy “thinking machines.” We then assess correspondence between the two, focusing on Interdisciplinary Holism; Evolution, Development and Complex Systems; Human Agency and Ethics; and Spirituality. The conclusion suggests, amongst other things, that Geddes’s grand view of cities may enrich current day integral discourse.

About Theodore Eisenman:

Theodore Eisenman, MLA, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His principal research addresses urban greening, defined here as the introduction or conservation of outdoor vegetation in cities. He believes that urban planning and design is a powerful tool for enhancing human and ecological potentials; and he has been engaging integral theory and practice since 2006.


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