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Emergent dialogue: Catalyzing the Co-Conscious We

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Presentation: Emergent dialogue: Catalyzing the Co-Conscious We

Human conversation is the ground of culture. Transforming the collective means transforming how we make sense together in conversation. The practice of emergent dialogue evolves our collective capacity for sense making. Transcending and including our individuality, the practice catalyzes a Co-Conscious We that awakens us to a living field of consciousness between us. As we deepen our engagement with this field, the space between us comes alive with a synergetic intelligence that makes possible a new integration of perspectives, ideas, polarities, and awareness–in sum, it’s a new collective sense-making. emergent dialogue is not a theory or a map: the practice enables groups to forge new creative capacities in consciousness.
In this workshop, we take a first step with the practice, focusing on the emergence of coherence. By sensing into the living intersubjective field, it becomes increasingly conscious between us. This coherence makes possible the emergence of co-conscious creativity and intersubjective sense-making. Through a series of exercises, we will sense into what is between us and engage in small groups. We will end the workshop with reflection, questions, and a discussion of philosophical and developmental implications of this work.

About Thomas Steininger:

I have been cultivating transformative We Space practices for nearly 30 years. For the last decades, I have co-founded and developed a process of emergent dialogue, an advanced practice in conscious communication. As a philosopher, practitioner, and spiritual mentor, I have dived deeply into meditation and the evolution of human consciousness. I am publisher of evolve-magazin for consciousness and culture and host Radio evolve, where I have interviewed over 500 pioneers forging the future.

About Elizabeth Debold:

Trained as a developmental psychologist, I call myself a gender futurist who sees a new potential for human relationship in the emergent realm of We Space. For the past four decades, I have worked on the front lines of gender and cultural evolution as an activist, researcher, journalist, spiritual explorer, mentor, and transformative educator. For over 25 years, I have committed myself to exploring the transformative potential of the We, beyond and including our many Me’s.

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