STEININGER, Thomas (Germany)

Title of contribution:

The Emergence

of the Higher We

The Emergence

of the Higher We

Where & when:

Main Hall (keynote)

Friday, 25th 09:00-09:30

Ibiza I.

Saturday, 26th 15:30-16:45

The Emergence of the Higher We

The Higher We is a breakthrough practice for evolving integral culture. In this talk and workshop, Steininger and Debold will move from the historical/theoretical to the here-and-now of Higher We practice to explore the developmental implications of this new emergence in human consciousness and potential. Arguing that the growing attention to the “We” has evolutionary significance, they explore three different levels of “We” that call us to embrace an integrative developmental step further in our individuation – what they call “transindividuation.” By exploring the difference between the postmodern and this new level of human relatedness, the two will present lessons learned about the Higher We from their experience at EnlightenNext and guide the audience through key experiential distinctions that will give participants some sense of the consciousness space that is the Higher We.

About Dr. Thomas Steininger

Dr. Thomas Steininger is publisher of evolve, the leading German integral magazine on consciousness and culture. He is known internationally as a speaker on cultural evolution and the different spiritual and cultural currents that have formed our postmodern world. He is a faculty member of Meridian University in California and co-founder of the “Emerge Dialogue Process,” an advanced practice in conscious communication.


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