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Purpose is as Purpose Does

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Marabella II.

Tuesday, 22nd May

Project: Purpose is as Purpose Does – Templates to Move From Aspiration to a New Reality

We’ve come a long way in reinventing business. Practices like Holacracy have repeatedly demonstrated how self-organizing the work for purpose can be made tangible and real. Now, new evolutionary tensions surface. Aspirational visionary thinking is not enough. We need to upgrade our legal agreements and our people-related systems as well, to align with the emerging principles of the New World of Work.

Get to know the For-Purpose Enterprise, developed by to solve these problems within the three contexts of Organization (work), Company (legal/assets) and Association (people). Gain practical answers to issues around legal structure, ownership, compensation, profit sharing, and cultural cohesion. Learn about a new type of worker, the Purpose Agent, who is working, earning, and living in alignment with both a personal purpose and an enterprise purpose. If time permits there will be role-play exercises, sharing in small groups, as well as Q&A with the workshop leaders.

About Tom Thomison:

Co-founder of HolacracyOne, the organization that developed the gold standard for self-organization. Now onto a new venture: self-organizing beyond Holacracy – introducing the For-Purpose-Enterprise as co-founder of


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