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The View From Down Under: Perspectives on Integral

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The View From Down Under: Perspectives on Integral

This workshop integrates learnings about both view and perspective from Trish (Indigenous Spirituality) and John (Tantra) to provide participants with an opportunity to appreciate how the encounters for each facilitated a re-shaping of what integral theory is and offers.

The integral approach is proposed as facilitating the possibility that each person may in virtue of encounter with its principles, see ourselves and the world around us with greater clarity and depth (see In this presentation there will be opportunity to decouple the two poles along which integral theory constructs its ontology for consciousness, and to consider how specific arms of ancient wisdom may illuminate some different ground, both in view (metaphysics or ontology) and in awareness (practice or epistemology). In this talk and set of practices, Trish and John will talk through their personal learning journeys with focus on the way that engaging with indigenous (Trish) and Tantra (John) accounts of spirtuality which connect more deeply into land and non-duality in everyday life, respectively, re-contextualised for each the frame in which they held AQAL.

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John O’Neill has been immersed in Integral Theory since discovering Wilber’s Sex, Ecology, Spirituality in 1996. He has presented at the Integral Theory Conference in San Francisco as well as three times in Denver, and is an active member of the Sydney Integral community.

Trisha Nowland has co-convened the Sydney Integral community since 2010, and is a member of the international Integral Polarity Practice community.

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