GUBBALA, Usha (United States)

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The 3rd Thing: An Integral Approach to Creative Collaboration

The Real Work of Teal                                       

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Ibiza II.
Friday, 25th 15:30-16:05

Marabella I.
Saturday, 26th 12:00-14:00

The Real Work of Teal

Evolution is both simultaneously exciting and painful. As the organizational fabric starts to change, many employees find themselves at odds. It’s no longer possible to hide behind bureaucracy, management, and our professional masks. This new of working calls upon each person to grow and evolve with it. There is a call to step into deeper vulnerability, deeper agency, and deeper listening. There is a call for deeper leadership across the organization.

In my experience, there is deep resistance and sometimes a lashing out as people work through their discomfort. This is the first time in millennia that we’ve called the interior dimensions (UL, LL) forward for everyone in an organization, not just the leaders. This is the first time that vertical development becomes crucial not optional.

How do we support individuals and the collective through the growing pains? What conversations and practices can we engage across the four quadrants to support the organizational transformation?

About Usha Gubbala

Usha holds an immense passion for designing new ways of working that support teams in becoming more collaborative, self-managed & innovative. She believes in the power of creating workplaces where employees feel energized by meaningful work & supported in their vertical development. As a consultant at August Public Inc., Usha works with traditional enterprise organizations to trojan horse principles and practices that support the emergence of Teal.

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