Ute Weber-Woisetschläger, Roman Angerer; Martina Höss

(Austria, Germany)

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Integral Art Lab: DIGNITY with art by Martina Höss

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Integral Art Lab: DIGNITY with art by Martina Höss

The Integral Art Lab (IAL) is a research project at the intersection of perception, consciousness and creativity in which we explore personal consciousness development through integral processes. A unit combines various modules based on essential theories and practices: Spiral Dynamic; Homoeostatic Hierarchical Integration; AQAL; Theory U; Social Presencing Theatre; Meditation; Contemplation; Transparent Communication; Dialogue and Resonance exploration of artworks.
Each IAL focuses on a topical question. In this special IAL we intend to integrate the wisdom, transcendence and conscious evolution of DIGNITY.
Our intention is to explore both individually and collectively this human potential and fundamental right, which in the common constitutional interpretation is based on the rationality and free will of the human being, that must never be treated merely as a means, but always as an unavailable end in itself.
The Integral Art Lab invites to an open space to explore in a dynamic process this potential that evaluates with an individual survey the development of consciousness.
Time frame: 120 Minutes
Host: Ute Weber-Woisetschläger
Co-Hosts: Roman Angerer; Martina Höss
Design, Dialog, Process facilitation by Ute Weber-Woisetschläger
Meditation, Questionnaire by Roman Angerer
Artworks by Martina Höss – her oilpaintings will be available to us in a virtual gallery

About Weber-Woisetschläger Ute:

After studying philosophy, art history and communication, and operating in leading functions in the field of public relations in renowned museums, I founded the Integral Art Lab Hub, an organisation as a living organism in its evolutionary environment that offers space for self- and we-experiences, for dialogue and consciousness development. In the Integral Art Lab we integrate the insights that we become aware of in dialogue from aesthetic experience. https://integralartlab.com

About Höss Martina:

Martina Höss is passionate about colour-alchemy, oil-painting and how to transmit higher states of consciousness and the inward reality of the formless, pure Self onto her canvas.
She studied at the Vienna art school and the academy of art therapy. During her 40 solo- and group exhibitions, since 1997, she started providing guidance for energetic communication with the paintings, to stimulate the viewers spiritual intelligence and ease meeting one’s light of consciousness through her art.

About Angerer Roman:

Roman Angerer holds an M.A. in Theological Anthropology and Value Orientation in Education. He is working in several developmental oriented spiritual, collaborative, science based educational projects. As Director of the Vertical Assessment Model at the New Human University and chair within the New Human Research and Development NPO his model of adult development is utilized to research into the interplay of neurological and psychological stage like growth.

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