NEUENSCHWANDER Verena (Switzerland)

Title of contribution:

Evolution in the Psychosexual Line                                        

Sex as catalyst for ILP and transformation                                               

Where & when:

Marabella II.
Saturday, 26th 12:00-14:00

Play Room
Saturday, 26th 15:30-18:00

Evolution in the psychosexual line

The presentation shows first results of our study of evolution in the psychosexual line, both personal and in society. Through personal practice and in exchange with experts in various spheres of action worldwide, we are drawing a wider picture, an overview and a vision for a healthy psychosexual development. We like to share this and find allies in the integral community for further studies in this important but still tabooed topic. Our overview is based on the integral map, which allows to identify best practices, potentials, gaps or obstacles for further evolution in this field.

Sex as catalyst for ILP and transformation

This workshop uses all gold star elements of the Integral Life Practice – including sexuality. We experience and reflect sex through all levels from red to turquoise, in all three bodies (concrete, subtle and causal) and in more elements of the AQAL model. We primarily use sexual energy as catalyst for basic vitality, deeper perception, compassion, love, happiness, peak experience, creativity, letting go and a non-dual perception. It gives you an experience of the integral map in sexuality and spirituality. This workshop also includes shadow work and other transformative pracitces for your personal life, for your partnership and for a greater good.
Sexuality and sexual energy in this workshop does not include sexual intercourse nor touching genitals of other participants, because we want to keep a safe and healthy space together. But nevertheless our methods are still intimate, touching and deep. We let you feel the integration of left hand and right hand tantra in the same space.

About Verena Neuenschwander

I lead a practice as an osteopath and shiatsu therapist. My understanding of health and healing has widened by this experience and the use
of the integral frame work. My further education in Europe, USA and India includes not only specialist knowledge but also self-experience groups
and spiritual practice, specially in tantra (left- and righthanded), communication and yogic meditation.
I’m regularly involved in organizing and leading self-experience groups in the tantric and integral field.

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