Vivian Dittmar


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Transrational Thought, Transpersonal Feeling

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Transrational Thought, Transpersonal Feeling

As consciousness evolves, there is a profound change in the way feelings are experienced and thought is perceived. In this workshop, Vivian takes you on an experiential journey into the transrational dimensions of thought and the transpersonal realm of feelings. She introduces you to effective methods you can use to advance the evolution of your own thinking and feeling processes. And she gives you an opportunity to experience the interplay between transrational thought and transpersonal feelings.

About Vivian Dittmar:

Vivian has been a passionate explorer of consciousness and culture since a very young age. Born in Germany, Vivian grew up in Europe, Asia and North America. She founded the non-profit Be the Change Foundation and is a driving force for cultural change. As the author of The Power of Feelings and seven other books, she has become a sought after expert and keynote speaker on the subject of emotional intelligence. Her book Your Inner GPS explores the subject of transrational thought.

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