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Capacity Development Evaluation: Towards an Integral Approach

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Toscana I.

Sunday, 27th May

Project: Capacity Development Evaluation: Towards an Integral Approach

In this presentation, Dr. Wanda Krause brings a dynamic approach to organizational capacity for flourishing and change through the results of her decade and a half evaluation study on women in civil society in highly turbulent environments and circumstances. What our world requires as we head into times of even greater turbulence is an integral approach to evaluate, navigate and lead human and organizational flourishing and socio-political change. To achieve sustainable development goals where individuals, organizations and societies flourish over the long term requires that we shift our thinking, practices and consciousness around control and power to values-based thinking, acting and collaboration. This dynamic integral evaluation approach in thinking and practice enables individuals a framework and tools to lead sustainable developmental change in increasingly complex contexts.

About Wanda Krause:

Wanda Krause is assistant professor in the School of Leadership Studies, Royal Roads University, Canada. Her focus has been on organizational and community development, evaluating women’s capacities in their organizations to contribute to the development of civil society, mainly in the Middle East, and on improving the conditions for Canada’s northern Indigenous communities. She coaches and mentors clients for organizational and leadership development.

Website: http://www.wandakrause.com

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