WICHERS, Bettina (Germany)

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Dementia integral – understanding the complexity of a so called disease

Integral Gerontology                                                 

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Thursday, 24th 12:00-14:00

Saturday, 26th 12:00-14:00

Dementia integral – understanding the complexity of a so called disease

In the academic world as in the field of geropsychiatric care as in public the medical/biological perspective on dementia is the only really accepted perspective on that, what most people will call a disease: dementia. But there are many other perspectives, academical (gerontology, sociology, psychology, economics, architecture, cultural, ethnology, theology etc.), practical of nurses, psychiatrists, social worker, personal of spouses, family members and first of all: of people with dementia themselves. My draft of an integral dementia model brings together academical, practical, personal and structural perspectives from inside and outside dementia in AQAL. Nothing becomes easier by this model. But seeing the complexity of that what I call an entity, not a disease, makes it easier to understand that there will be no easy answers as the pharmaceutical research tries to convince us. We have to see and we have to bear the complexity first. Stand and feel first. Then act, consciously.

Integral Gerontology

The poster will give an overview over an scientific perspective along the AQAL elements: Quadrants, zones, levels, lines, types and stages of age and ageing. It shows how to integrate different perspectives on ageing into one model for a non-exclusive way of academical as well as practical research in all zones of ageing and who should apply to gerontology research with an integral approach.

‘Integral Hearth’ : Towards A Collective Integral Practice

1) Presentation: ‘Integral Hearth’ : Towards A Collective Integral Practice. A contemporary spiritual forum for people already into Integral; and for the ‘spiritual-but-not-religious’, an opportunity to try a spiritual practice which is rooted in rationality – ‘see for yourself’, rather than a faith, or creed. Potentially, the kernel of an Integral community that can serve the wider community.
1A) Reviewing our existing personal experience of collective spiritual practice (church service, Quaker meeting for worship, Buddhist retreats, ‘Jumu’ah’, etc). Positive and negative experiences.
1B) Steve presents the principles and format of ‘Integral Hearth’ as recently piloted in Totnes, England. An AQAL communal practice.
2) Experience the ‘Integral Hearth’.
3) Small group reflection on the experience; brainstorm ways in which it could be developed. Feedback to the whole group. Perhaps start a network of ‘Integral Hearth’ groups across different countries to share experience.

About Bettina Wichers

Born 1968 in Germany, living in Göttingen, Lower Saxony. Academic education in Andragogy (diploma) and Gerontology (M.Sc.), several terms in Human Medicine and Public Health. 5 years practice as integral coach, 10 years practice as gerontologist, 16 years since the first contact with integral theory, 18 years being a mother, 30 years practice as andragogist, 50 years of a life as an intuitive person. Active member and facilitator of/for Integrales Forum Deutschland.

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