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Shake your Shadow & Evolve into Integral Thinking

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Presentation: Shake your Shadow & Evolve into Integral Thinking

In this workshop, I want you to have a bodily experience of shadow work that accelerates integral thinking at the same time.

Shake your Shadow is a full-body practice that stimulates integral thinking and makes shadow work dynamic and fun while playing with polarities.

It results from merging two areas of expertise: cognitive-behavioral coaching & dance (therapy). After years of seeing great results using this tool with clients and in business contexts on the one hand & seeing the effects of people connecting to their bodies, on the other hand, it was time to bring mind & body together for an even more integrative approach.

It is a model that allows us to get to know ourselves and others better and to position and prevent interpersonal frictions.

We can use it to
*manage our irritations and fears
*identify our core qualities, competencies, values
*recognize our pitfalls and turn them into resources
*value the wisdom in other’s perspectives and preferences
*visualize interpersonal differences and appreciate them
*gain clarity in intercultural differences
*manage tensions in everyday life
*continually evolve and embody our integral thinking
*go from biased to balanced choices in everyday life
*evolve from a fragmented view to seeing the WHOLE picture

This world needs a different kind of thinking, doing, and being, and it’s my hope that this workshop offers a practical tool and makes integral in general more accessible and experiential on the way.


Winnie brings 25 years of curiosity in self-development: psychology, integrative and transpersonal psychotherapy, mindfulness, dance therapy, yoga, spirituality. She has helped women reconnect with their bodies and sensual self through dance and many clients shifting mindset and achieving breakthroughs in their life through coaching. Currently, she brings all of this together in what she calls Rebody Coaching. She is known for her open and playful approach as a dancer and a coach.

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