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Integral transformational program for managers

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Marabella II.

Thursday, 24th May

Project: Integral transformational program for managers – 16 years, 16 groups, 450 people – the results, lessons, perspectives

This subject is to share our experience gained for over 16 years in the two-year program «Integral coaching and related technologies». The program was originally designed as an educational and was initially built on the principles of integrality. Over the years we have seen its various effects: how the participants change themselves, their logic of action, levels of consciousness and a quality of their life.
Our target is to show how it is possible to help people to change themselves and their lives, how the program has been changed, what we have been taught by the participants, what mistakes we have made, and how the program has been changed over the years.

About Yana Melville:

Major areas
– Teaching skills necessary for carrying out project activities
– Individual coaching for company owners and executives
– Facilitation and trainings aimed at quality improvement of communication and team cooperation
– Training of coaching as a management tool
– Team coaching, workshops in organizational and strategic development
– Assistance and monitoring in development and implementation of events aimed at improvement of loyalty and committal of employees to the company

Website: https://coachinstitute.ru/

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