So how does Orange get to Teal?

So how does Orange get to Teal? Or Orange-Green. Or Green?   Take any organisation that isn’t already self-organising and wouldn’t have made it into Frederic’s book (Frederic Laloux: Reinventing oganizations).  Let’s suppose that it grasps and aspires to the vision that he presents.  What will its journey look like? We don’t have a map […]

Integral for Business Leaders: Vertical Leadership Development

Six ways Integral helps organizations today In April-May 2012 a group of 12 business-leaders from Russia, Lithuania and Ukraine set out for what was called an «Integral Journey». The 17-day trip Hawaii – San-Francisco – Boulder Colorado was organized by Dana Carman and the Coaching Institute of Saint-Petersburg team. One sunny morning the group visited […]

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