Collective Trauma – from Integration to Insight



Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher, who practices mysticism in his own life, and also imparts it to others, in a manner that is entirely in keeping with the times. His work integrates the essence of the great traditions of wisdom with scientific knowledge and his own personal experience. His work, which he executes with uncompromising clarity, leads to the birth of new ‘we-cultures‘.
He has the special gift of truly understanding people and being able to apply the timeless knowledge that has been revealed to him when engaging with them – enabling people to gain a deeper dimension of self-awareness and responsibility.

This radical transcendence of the ego-centric world view opens the door to a depth of authentic expression, to service to the world, and to a focus on the absolute. Thomas Hübl has devoted his life to the task of exploring awareness and supporting others in their quest for greater awareness.  His work has world-wide resonance.

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From Integration to Insight

In order to reinvent Europe we need to look at what is preventing intercultural harmony and unity. This includes consciously dealing with historically accumulated pain, as well as present tensions in our own lives and in society.

The current crisis has woken us up, giving a chance to transform into a higher unity – not only politically, but in its spirit and soul. Thomas Hübl will share his rich experience from dealing with cultural shadow in the process of spiritual awakening and personality development. He will help the participants to reflect and work on these issues, not only with theoretical reflections on what should be done, but creating a field of actual experience that will empower everybody to authentic action and transformation. With Thomas we join today’s edge of the collective spiritual awakening and personality growth work by utilizing the collective field to rewrite our common future as Europeans together and beyond in the world as a whole.


Learn more about Thomas Hübl and his work

Two-hour profound teaching on ‘The Evolutionary Potential of Crisis’. For everyone who is interested in spiritual practice that is about much more than personal wellness, and that speaks to developing our capacity for response-ability in relation to the difficulties of the world situation. How can we develop our spiritual capacities to help us be more resilient in the face of inner and outer challenges?


Keynote speech

Thomas Hübl: Collective Trauma – from Integration to Insight
Friday, 6th of May, 9:30-11:00

Experiental Workshop

Thomas Hübl: Spiritual Competencies in Challenging Times
Friday, 6th of May, 15:30-18:00




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