Types of programs we’ll have



Integrally informed scientists and researchers present their findings. Peer reviewed with an Academic Committee of international scholars.

Use of integral theory in different areas of life, and developing new theoretical contributions in psychology, healing, business, society. Reflecting also on current societal and political issues of Europe and the world.

Hanging displays visible all week. See the summaries of who applies Integral Theory in what ways!


After theories, let go of the mind and engage in embodied experiential processes. At times playful, at times deep, and always insightful! Group processes and 2nd tier we-space practices.

If you are ready, go deeper! Try deeper experiential workshops to open up, get vulnerable and feel your emotions and higher states. Use IEC for healing, opening and self-transforming!

A collective, all-community constellation experience will be one of the deepest transformational events at IEC with around 600 people in the process. The biggest systems constellation experience you may have ever seen, where we will work with national, international and global issues in a professionally led, safe 3-hour process. At its height, it opens up into a maximum presence and flow experience for the global integral community.

Practiced as a rite of purification, initiation and spiritual breakthrough across many cultures throughout time, in contemporary society, firewalking is used not only for self-realization but also as an extremely powerful tool of empowerment and community building in large modern companies in the West. Saturday night, around a huge bonfire, with hundreds of people together in this, it will be an unforgettable communal, spiritual, and “tribal” experience in the later hours of the Gulyás Party night! Optional to participate – suggested to at least hold space.


From chatting in the lobby to being absorbed in conversations during meal times and the socializer evenings, and continuing all that in the spa and the lake, socializing is one of the sweetest aspects of the IEC experience! Meeting real people from behind webpages and Facebook, this is the time for the grand global meeting to happen. Enjoy connecting, sharing thoughts, opinions, emotions, smiles and hugs. Birth new collaborations and co-create. Party, dance and laugh a lot. IECs are as intellectualy vibrant as emotionally present, playful and energetic! You can be integral: be professional, relax, and recharge at the same event. This community and format contains and holds it all.

It’s not the small pool you have in hotels normally, you are in Hungary, the country of 100 spas! The hotel comes with its own extra spa complex, with a mutiple indoor and outdoor pool system. Enjoy floating in large heated pools or in funny jacuzzis and being cooked in saunas — either in the solitude of your me-time, or while having important conversations while you socialize.

Dressed in casual elegance, join the celebratory finish of the conference with special food and a special program, the gala dinner! The evening to wind it all down and have fun, with a stage for the community to sing, dance and celebrate together!


The opening socializing party of IEC 2020 will be on Tuesday evening, on a fun and elegant boat trip on Lake Balaton with dinner, champagne and live music!

Enjoy dancing with the community in the conscious space of ecstatic dance! The bare feet, no alcohol, no drugs policy enables a field of freedom, inclusivity and self-expression, where your untamable free soul can express itself in this nonverbal communal space of ecstacy. A world music DJ masterfully provides soul-stirring music after a guided movement meditation warms up participants. The tribal party ends with a relaxing sound bath experience.

A pleasant, outdoor picnic style dinner experienced under the stars on the lakeside, tasting the most ancient traditional Hungarian food, the Gulyás Soup (say “Goo-yaash”). Followed by a ceremonial bonfire, live music, drumming and communal dance experience. At the height of this evening, it all shifts into the huge Firewalk ceremony.


Join the the weekend workshops and courses before IEC, and learn from world-class professionals in the integral field! Dr. Robert Kegan, legendary Harvard psychologist, offers Adult Development Stages and Immunity to Change workshops, and more are in the making!

Sightseeing tour

Leave the hotel and look around Hungary and Budapest — explore this ancient Central European culture and scenery! Joining our smartly organized, 4-quadrants-all-stages-in-culture, 3-day sightseeing tour, you’ll be guided by local integralists and professional tour guides to see the best of culture, cuisine and history! We will also visit local spiritual sites and make time to recharge in nature. Keynote speakers are on the bus too!


Incredible visual artists will exhibit their psycho-active paintings in the lobby. A powerful gateway to transform our consciousness by transmitting states of consciousness!

Live music is an inherent part of the conference. Different musicians and even conference participants (!) will play and give concerts or short musical interludes, starting at the opening boat party and continuing on the main stage and gulyás and firewalk night. The gala dinner evening has an open mic stage, where anyone can come up and sing a song, play an instrument, recite a poem or dance!

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