Introducing The Ken Wilber Gratitude Fund

Introducing The Ken Wilber Gratitude Fund

A while ago, our IEC co-director Bence and our friend John Dupuy of Integral Recovery synchronistically felt the impulse to create a container to give the integral community a channel for expressing their love and care for its most important pioneer.

Ken Wilber is a cultural treasure whose writings and insights are transforming the lives of countless people worldwide. For decades, he has provided us with an inspiring role model in the way he embodies his teachings. His work sheds wisdom, hope and illumination on practically every field of human endeavor.

We are happy and grateful to present you The Ken Wilber Gratitude Fund.

The purpose of the Fund is to express our individual and collective thanks to Ken Wilber for all he has given us, to help support his ongoing creative work and to promote wider public awareness of Integral Theory.

If you have been touched by Ken’s work, please consider giving back. 

If this resonates with and moves you, The Ken Wilber Gratitude Fund is a way for you to both symbolically and substantially give back to Ken and create public recognition of his important work. Please feel free to give any amount, recurring or one-time—all contributions are welcome and deeply appreciated.


You can also contribute by forwarding this message to your friends and by sharing the link in social media.

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