The STAGES of a Planetary Awakening

Shared Needs of a Shared Evolution As with any meta-movement, like our Integral Theory, we rest on a dynamic system of multiple interpretations. We are gathering more than a 100 expressions for the same analog things, which lead our shared journey to two major outstanding needs. 1. How can we make sure, we are working […]

Volunteer at IEC! – Make a Difference

Do you want to take part in facilitating the magical atmosphere for the biggest integral conference? Join the IEC Team of integral enthusiasts, support our community with your active contribution and enjoy the significant price reductions! Benefits Roles During your days of duties, beside your tasks, there will be plenty of time when you can […]

Integral Look at Avatar 2: The Way of Water

Why Does It Matter To The Integral Community? A movie about culture wars, colonisation, spirituality, tribal myths, and a planetary soul among many others, bringing awareness to record breaking eyeballs across the planet. With this years theme of IEC being Planetary Awakening 2.0, it feels timely to take an integral look at the many meanings […]

Meet our 2023 Keynote Speakers!

Dear IEC Friends, We are thrilled to present you our keynote speaker lineup for IEC 2023! In less than 1 month, the Integral European Conference will open its doors for the 7th time. You are going to see some familiar faces on the stage, as well as our expanding, wide variety of teachers of the […]

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