From wounded healer to Integral Medicine – Joop de Vette’s journey

From wounded healer to Integral Medicine – Joop de Vette’s journey

 Joop and IEC was mutual love at first sight.

It was joyful to get to know the sympathetic and competent medical doctor from the Netherlands in 2014 in Budapest. So we decided to feature him in our IEC Online Conference “Integral in Action” hosted by our media partner Conscious 2. Check out this free introductory clip on Integral Medicine, in which Joop shares his personal journey starting out as “wounded healer” towards becoming an integral medical practitioner.

His remarkable story can help you relate to your own experience bringing a more integral path to your own profession – be it integral medicine, integral business, integral education – and encourage you to find ways to overcome these obstacles and express your gifts fully.

“There can be a temptation as an integral medical  practitioner to want the big radical change in the person, but I also see the beauty of people making steps from where they are. I had more than 200 000 consultations, and the goal in every consultation is to see what I can add. Sometimes it is only a pill and it is OK and sometimes it’s just a little more. To help people get little more conscious to where they are and what are they doing.”

If you enjoyed this excerpt, check out the full first clip (23 min) for free on Conscious 2 here or sign up for our IEC Online Conference “Integral in Action” on Conscious 2.

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