Supporting the global shift in consciousness to create an Integral world

Supporting the global shift in consciousness to create an Integral world

Thousands upon thousands of people around the world are reporting having spiritual experiences, waking up to a more expanded level of consciousness, which have the potential to catalyze a greater capacity to realize our collective human potential. They can also be extremely destabilizing within our current cultural framework, resulting in a growing number of people experiencing mental health problems, exacerbating the current global crisis.

A growing body of research shows us that having

a non-pathological framework within which to understand spiritual experiences  reduces the chance of a person going into crisis.


Yoga lotus pose. Padmasana with colored chakra points.
Yoga lotus pose. Padmasana with colored chakra points.

We have created ISEN (International Spiritual Emergence Network)  to be a vital resource and collaborative platform to assist established networks around the world that offer compassionate support to individuals who understand their experiences to be a spiritual crisis, rather than a mental illness. We are in the process of helping to

create new spiritual emergence networks,

that help bring together people who need help with those who can assist them, in countries where they do not yet exist, in order to assist with this vital paradigm shift towards an integral world.

ISEN provides assistance, education and encourages research toward a non-pathological, integral framework that

understands and embraces spiritual emergency,

reduces the crisis’ risks, and raises awareness globally—assisting the emerging paradigm shift to a higher consciousness for all of humanity. 

ISEN is working in a very close collaboration with the Grof Foundation, continuing Christina Grof’s legacy on Spiritual Emergence Network, intuitively guided in our mission from spirit and our passions to alleviate the suffering of those in spiritual crisis, and to spread and disseminate awareness of the transpersonal, for future generations.

Stagescript of the presentation at IEC conference:

  • Introduction of ISEN and its activities
  • Results from latest research on Spiritual Emergency
  • Personal experiences/sharing


Rozália Kovács-Napier – Spiritual Counselling, Integral Coaching and Teaching at Integral Academy with a specialization on Spiritual Emergency. Founder member of the International Spiritual Emergence Network (ISEN). Reiki Master and Teacher, Vipassana and Kundalini Yoga practitioner.

Ted Esser, PhD (East-West Psychology; MA Philosophy & Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies), is on the Board of the International Spiritual Emergence Network and is the Director of SEN at the Grof Foundation. He is a contributing author in the book Lucid Dreaming: New Perspectives to Consciousness in Sleep. He teaches Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology at John F. Kennedy University and Sofia University (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology).

Katie Mottram is an Inaugural Director of the International Spiritual Emergence Network. Experiencing a spiritual awakening in early 2012, she has since worked tirelessly to raise awareness of spiritual crisis within the mental health field, in which she previously worked for 15 years. Katie is author of “Mend the Gap, a transformative journey from deep despair to spiritual awakening”, and is involved with a revolutionary mental health pilot project in the UK, Peer-supported Open Dialogue (POD).

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