Reinventing yourself is your chance

Transformation through self healing

How you respond to loss and risk inside, has an impact on Europe, because change and opening starts within. It all depends on every one of us.

Take the time to observe how you respond to loss and risk

  • on the physical level, from the position of your inner child
  • on the emotional level, from the perspective of your inner adolescent
  • on the mental level, from the perspective of your inner adult
  • on the intuitive level, from the perspective of your inner wise

All four need to learn to respect each other, and their mutual need for cooperation because all what we need in life we have brought with us. The keys to this inner knowledge are

awareness, pure intention and our personal effort

in its realization. Our body is the home base for the development of consciousness. Body and Consciousness develop simultaneously:

in the child – on the physical level, in the adolescent – on the emotional level, in the adult – on the mental level, and in the mature person on the spiritual level. Once we discover our emotional chain reactions, we can begin to heal what we have been lacking since our childhood. We learn to love ourselves and to give our life direction.

Then the adults lead their carriage (body) like a coachman (power of mind) who maintains it in good condition. They tame their horses (power of emotion) and know how to handle them. They carry the entire responsibility and also take good care of themselves. The mature persons (power of spirit) are a guest on their journey and support it. They know where they are coming from, when they will get out and where they are going to after having left the carriage, the horses and the driver behind.

Where is your space?

In this workshop you will experience how grounded you are, how much you are a natural axis between the Earth and the Sun, how you can use that as an inner rope to hold on to. Become the still point in the hurricane of life. Be unique and united at the same time. It is in your hands to re-mould yourself and allow yourself to fill your space with your talent. We, Europe and the World need you and your conscious action.

As a tool we use the whirling dance, it helps you to understand the necessity of movement of life and how you can only move with it.

Crisis is just a kick into a jump in evolution.

If you open up to the movement, life will carry you thru, if you close, holding on to fixations, it will have to hit your fingers, till you let go.


Brigitte Wingelmayr is a coach and spiritual teacher. The diagnosis of cancer at 25 gave her the impulse to rethink her life and to follow her calling and support the development of the heart and consciousness. In the following twenty years she developed the training “Balance the 7”- a guide to self healing.

Considering herself a constant student from life and death, she studied with Dr. Oruc Güvenc: Central Asian Music Therapy, Dance and Sufism. In America she lived and trained with different elders, such as Donlin Many Bad Horses, Claudine Chiefstick. She is a member of a closed medicine society in North America. Those experiences opened up many perspectives leading to the integration and practice of ancient wisdom in modern life. Two 40 days fasting retreats in the Sufi and one 50 day retreat in the native tradition enriched the knowledge of the heart’s wisdom and the profound art of loving oneself and others.




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