Adults, let’s play! Becoming authentic, vulnerable and trusting

Authentic play

When we play, we are in the body and in the heart. There is an aliveness, unfolding through us, as us which has no limits. We are not in our thinking habits when we play – we are embodied.

Here is a way into the flow state where we have access to integration, information, answers, ideas, energy, joy, to living out of the box.  Here is freedom, a feeling of being without care, of living in trust. When we play,  and I mean actually DO it, we are radiating light and energy. So we become attractive and fun to be around. I believe that practicing play is a big answer to much of our existential stress. When we live in terror of ‘what might happen’ our immune systems are compromised and we are locked out from new ways, new solutions. We cannot think our way out of deadening situations. When we play our energy expands and lifts, so we rise up above the problem, and operate from the place where the answers lay. From a new perspective, living in the heart, soul and body there IS opening. And when we play for pleasure rather than in competition we also evolve the group mind, we are beyond the ego and open to a vast intelligence that CAN shift us, shift culture, shift the world.

Play with awareness nurtures transformation of the we-space. Movement, voice and clown improvisation exercises develop embodied spacial awareness and non-verbal expression.

This opens fluidity and direct communication in the physical, emotional, heart, spiritual selves. The we-being is electrified, animated, sensitized as these “languages” allow us to shift between inner/outer, meditative/expressive. Authentic, vulnerable, trusting flow allows more curiosity in the field. Healing happens, we learn how to be the we-space, operating as individuals and as one intelligent being. The divine fool appears, with wisdom and joy. Meditation grounds the play throughout. Each individual’s specific presence and expression is vital for the expansion into the new operating system, the we that is unfolding, playing as us. It is groundbreaking in how an embodied expression is seen to unfold on the edge of unknowing.

Authentic Play workshop develops capacity to operate as one being, in a light energy which bypasses intellect and allows us to live in the ‘not knowing’ trust and wisdom of the divine fool. This workshop is refined from 30 years practice in trust and improvisation in voice, movement, play and clowning.


2.5 hour workshop


Feedback (from participants of the Path of the Fool Retreat). The group experienced Angela as: bright, light, harmony, clarity, resonant, brave, stabilizing, focused, giving, sparkling, deep, fun, innocent, non-judgmental, available to the moment, playful, energetically deep, a master, exuding authenticity and aliveness, eyes speaking volumes of wisdom, vibrant, demanding, adorable, joyful, loving, present, beautiful smile, sharing energy without beating around the bush, insightful, talented, mischievous, gifted, creative, clear, open, dancer.

comment A great range of knowledge and emotion skillfully and sensitively held and managed. Helen


comment Enormous laughter, challenge and learning. Fun, friendship and a chance to flush out or cope better with various anxieties. Sylvia

comment What was good? The release of ‘childish’ impulses, the comfort and validation of others, the warmth of friends casually met, the peace. Michael

comment Everything was good about the course. Exceptional facilitation, balance, sensitivity, learning, entertainment. It was more profound than I realized, touched some sensitive parts, but handled utterly professionally. Jennifer

comment For me the fool is the unconditioned self that is free to become anything. In our workshop we were led to really explore the risk of being foolishly in the moment, exposed. A fantastic way to explore this Edge and definitely evolutionary I would say.

Angela Halvorsen Bogo – Clown, storyteller, singer since 1990. 40 years of practice in improvisation-based performance projects in 22 countries. Developed workshops in the Fool archetype. Builds community through storytelling. Trains educators in authentic communication. Meets people with dementia in tailor-made improvised intuitive singing and clowning.

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