The Way of the Mysterial Woman

The Way of the Mysterial Woman

“When you are transformed the world will be transformed,

for you are the world and the world is you.”

­~ The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

In the aftermath of the atrocities in Brussels a friend asked me this morning if I thought I would still go to Hungary for the IEC given the terrorism in Europe. My response was a definitive YES. The Deep Feminine wisdom, love and power that I am here to help steward into the world is needed now more than ever!


The raw violence, disregard for life and brutal distortion of the wounded Masculine in men and also in women will not be healed because we stay home and protect ourselves from it.


It will be healed as we continue to do the ‘all quadrant’ deep work in ourselves, with one another, in the way we show up and engage in the world.   

photo-1416949929422-a1d9c8fe84afI know this dark force of death and destruction. And I know now that it is possible to enter into it, be present with it and transform it. I did not know this 3 years ago when my co-author and I had just finished the first draft of our book and were getting ready to launch our new women’s leadership programs. Instead of taking off in glorious flight I was plunged into a deep descent when I heard the impossible words, ‘David is dead’. My beloved husband’s sudden and brutal death devastated me and all the outer structures of my life. It brought me to my knees in a way little else could – the fulfilling future that I had imagined ahead was cleaved away like a giant iceberg breaking free. And there I was…on the edge of a new and unimaginable chasm.

Only a nanosecond ago I was David’s cherished wife and not this one left hanging over the broken ledge of desolation. The one staring into the void wondering what the F— had happened. The sleepless, haggard one who had lost everything that mattered. My life had been completely shattered – there would be no putting back together again the pieces of that ‘old me’ or that ‘old life’. There would be more falling apart and then eventually falling together again as I found the ground of my new life.

This will be true for those in Belgium and in Europe as well – the ripples of this black destruction will continue to reverberate for awhile. Yet in the midst of this devastation there are those of us who are growing the capacity to


BE PRESENT in body, mind heart and soul


with the darkness without shutting down, going into denial, lashing out or doing a spiritual bypass. We are needed now. And we will need each other.

I already knew after 15 years of research in my University certificate women’s leadership programs working with hundreds of students, that we had discovered an embodied, integral, accelerated developmental pathway for women that unlocked the next level of our evolutionary potential – a potentiality we have called Mysterial. But what I know now with certainty from my direct personal experience, and what adds fuel to the desire to share my work, is that the Mysterial ‘operating system’ holds up through the most impossible circumstances life can throw at you. The trauma itself became the alchemical fire of my own Mysterial becoming and I emerged with a new capacity to lead with grace and resilience.  

MYSTERIAL: A radically new way of being that gives rise to more conscious, connected and creative ways of acting. Characterized by a remarkable ease with unknown, chaotic and ambiguous realities, this inner operating system generates the capacity to bridge between differences and shape a positive future.

letöltésI believe that women are in the midst of a profound rite of passage. Bringing together cutting edge developmental psychology, ancient mystery school insights, integral theory and visionary evolutionary thinking into a 5-step Source Code my colleague and co-author Dr. Susan Cannon and I have mapped out The Mysterial Sequence to facilitate women’s emergence. This proven and powerful pathway clears the shadows and cultivates all of our Feminine (Yin) and Masculine (Yang) essences.

Using the catalytic function of primary archetypes our approach is specifically designed to address the unique nature of a woman’s developmental unfolding, and to redress wounding that occurred at various stages of our emergence into womanhood as we tried to fit into a hyper-masculine culture. As you move through the Sequence today as an adult woman you touch back into the early shaping patterns of your youth and liberate those aspects of yourself that are stalled or repressed.

And the order of the sequence isn’t arbitrary. We discovered that it harmonically mirrors the natural order in which these Yin-Yang essences emerged in human consciousness and culture as we evolved.

Workshop for women at the Integral European Conference 2016

letöltés (1)Grounded in the discoveries presented in our newly released book – The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love, and Lead – I will give you an overview of our Mysterial map and then lead you through an embodied experience of the 5 archetypal energies of The Mysterial Sequence pathway.

You’ll learn about the Mysterial Source Code for women’s development—and find out how you can use it to unlock your innate potential.

You’ll learn where to start the upgrade to this new ‘internal operating system’ so you can express unprecedented ways of living, loving and leading.

And you’ll experience what can happen when you come into a Deep Feminine field

with like-minded women, and participate in the earliest stirrings of something profound and historically significant. Join in a Circle with other budding Mysterials – women at the edge of evolution, making the changes in themselves that they want to shape in the world.


Suzanne Anderson – M.A. Dedicated to awakening and developing women as Mysterial leaders. Three decades’ experience as a multilingual (based in Paris) leadership consultant, facilitator, executive coach and speaker. As a scholar practitioner, for the past 12 years Suzanne designed and facilitated university women’s leadership programs that led to decoding an integral, accelerated, developmental pathway for women laid out in her co-authored book, The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead.

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