Economic Accommodation Options Outside of Conference Hotel

In the last weeks we have received numerous requests to decouple the conference ticket purchase from the obligation to stay at the conference Hotel Azúr. While 115 € / day is a reasonable price for 4-star quality (including all meals and tourism tax) for Western standards, it places a financial burden on people from other economic zones or circumstances, making it hard for them to participate at the conference.

We recommend conference participants to stay at Hotel Azúr for several reasons. Having everybody in the same place will deepen the community experience of the event. Staying at the hotel also saves the hassle and lost time walking to distant accommodations in the relatively large city of Siófok, or renting a car unnecessarily that ends up costing more than staying with us. We also have a contract with the hotel which allows us to use all of the hotel facilities (including the ballroom, restaurant and large wellness area) while we guarantee that a certain number of rooms will get booked with conference guests.

While we still believe the reasoning makes sense and we recommend staying at the hotel and not outside, we want to honor those who have told us they can’t come if we don’t allow them to look for a cheaper place to stay. We want to give everyone the chance to come, so we are now giving the option of decoupling the conference ticket from accommodation.

What about the meals?

eat-1265385_1280Additionally, we offer the option to pre-order meals at the Hotel Azúr for conference guests who choose to stay outside. This way the communal experience of “breaking bread together” can still be cultivated and there is no need to come and go during the day.

You can order your meals here 

We send you a list of the best cheap guest house rooms next to the conference venue in €10-25 / night range. We highly recommend you to use this to avoid higher tourist prices, being far from the conference venue or other hassle.



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