Joining the caravan

Taking an outward journey with the right guidance, is also taking an inward journey at the same time. Two guides pair up to lead you gently on an unforgettable tour through the land, the culture, and the spirit of deep Central Europe. This is a voyage of ease and depth, balancing on the threshold of the secular and the sacred.


Escape the routine

Traveling to a distant land and having people share their culture with you is a true gift. That’s when you really get global. You need to see it, smell it, taste it, touch it. Then it becomes part of you. That’s how you embody global consciousness. You will feel like Alice in Wonderland on this historic, cultural, and memetic journey designed to be fun but with integral consciousness: it totally beats everyday tourism!


Wonder and Awe

Stepping inside another reality is where it gets magical. You will enter into a culture with historic depth and richness in its every fiber, from purple to teal. You will embark on a communal holiday journey infused with integral consciousness. What does it mean to be integral in a country with more than a thousand years of memetic depth—from purple through red, amber, orange, green, to teal—and an unbroken history line? Our external route will also be a journey up the internal ladder. We will show you the land, the culture, and the spirit of Hungary.


Three reasons to come

  1. Travel with your tribe—you will be with your chosen, shared-value community, fantastic integral people with an evolutionary drive in their heart, a common language, and an openness to connect. The bus has a genuinely home-tribe feel. You are on the right caravan.
  1. Experience “integral journeying” with the double guide format developed by Bence. This format allows you to learn the salient facts that every tourist wants to know (exterior, “regular” tour guide Győző) with an additional focus on communal and individual interiors (Bence).
  1. Let local integralists show you their land—it makes all the difference. You are not an outsider anymore. You are invited to be an insider, and so you transcend formal tourism.

Monday – brief overview

9:30 am
The Community Bus Experience

Spontaneous socializing hours on the bus with some rotation.
Enjoy the scenery of local farms, traditional villages, lovely countryside.
Was Dracula really a person? Learn facts and legends.
Learn how to read those unpronounceable Hungarian words and never get lost.
Engage in inspiring conversations and spontaneous group activities.

12:00 pm
Time Travel in the Ópusztaszer
National Heritage Park

Learn what “szer” the local root word means.
Enjoy local cuisine: the Lecsó (Le-cho) Lunch.
Understand the historic roots of Hungarian culture.
Experience the 360-degree 3D art wonder in the Feszty Painting Dome.
Experience a historic village from the inside.
Watch an original horse and archery culture show.and never get lost.
Engage in inspiring conversations and spontaneous group activities.

15:30 pm The Community Bus Experience Continues

Explore the Eastern Great Plains, home of shadoofs and mirages.

17:30 pm Dinner in Lilaakác

19:00 pm Evening calm, sunset and spa options at Hotel Balneum




Tuesday – brief overview

9:30 am, The Community Bus Experience Continues

Heading North to the Carpathian Mountains

10:00 am Hiking in the Carpathian Forests on the Bükk Mountains

Open your senses in a spring forest and meadows: a good walk
and short contemplation in the deep forests of Bükk-mountain.
Visit an ancient, shamanic ceremonial site, where a Cistercian
Monastery was built 800 years ago.
Experience a local ceremony with Fehérholló and Karak Somogyi István.
Lunch at the lakeside.

15:00 pm, Egerszalók, the Cascading Lime Hill Healing Spa

18:30 pm A Visit to the Bolyki Winery:

Wine Tasting in Caves and Dinner with Local Virtuoso Gypsy Music




Wednesday – brief overview

9:00 am, The Budapest Sightseeing Day, yea!

At 9:00 am we will leave the hotel and from 11:00 am to 16:00 pm tour the sights of Budapest.

City Park and Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Andrássy Avenue – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Did you know that the idea of Israel was born in Budapest?

The Jewish Tour: the Great Synagogue, the Ghetto, and the Holocaust.

A walk in the Jewish Ghetto and the Holocaust.

Lunch in Budapest’s most famous “ruin pub” in the former Ghetto.

Touring the city: artistic bridges, the Danube, the universities.

Buda Castle – the Vár

The Parliament, one of Europe’s oldest legislative buildings.

The “Communism Tour” and a visit to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution site.

Last stop: enjoy the 360-degree panorama of Budapest on top of Gellért

Hill at the Citadel.

Finding an integral spot in town: the Garden of the Wise.


4:00 pm, Taxi to Airport or Hotel




Bence Gánti – Community Guide

Bence, director of the IEC and Integral Academy, has two decades of experience guiding individuals and groups psycho-spiritually. Bence has himself traveled throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Jeff Salzman of The Daily Evolver, a participant in the first community bus tour after IEC 2014 (also in Hungary) wrote: “Bence leads from both the heart and the head. He is as comfortable talking theory as he is directing a large group process, or leading a drumming circle in the woods. It is never about gaining attention for himself, rather it is about creating a richer experience for the participant.”

Győző Simay – Tour Guide

Győző is a very experienced tour guide, who has so far traveled in 60+ countries across 5 continents, and has led tours in 25 countries besides Hungary. He has lived in Hungary, the UK, and the USA, and is as experienced at navigating people through Western cultures as those of the exotic Far East and India.  



Krisztina Bodó – Tour Manager

Krisztina Bodo, student of Integral Academy and owner of Winair Travel Agency in Budapest, organizes tours in Hungary, other European countries, the USA, the Middle East, and Asia.



Örs Horváth – General Coordinator

Örs Horváth, economist and integral counselor, is an Integral Academy board member and  serves as general coordinator of the tour. Örs is a talented, integral businessman trained in Budapest, Vienna, and Berkeley, CA.

This tour is organized by the Integral Academy of Hungary.

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