This is not just a conference, this is a world gathering!

This is not just a conference, this is a world gathering!

—- Article written by Bence Gánti —-

In the build up to this year’s Integral European Conference, and with the launch of our online community page, I’ve come to realize something: the conference has already started and it’s not just a “conference”. This “conference” is actually a world gathering of the global integral community!

This event is an opportunity to meet and connect with people who feel the same calling you do. A coming together of people guided by a vision of what is possible when we learn to work together, across all quadrants, all levels. People who have been captivated by integral theory.

At this world gathering, integral is more than a theory. It is something that will guide us as we move through the event, as we relate to each other, a common language we will share, an “AHA!” experience of deepening insight, a shared and emerging mission, vision, purpose. This is a homecoming and nothing compares to being immersed in it!

We’ve all spent time sitting at home, reading, connecting through Facebook, having little meetings here and there with 5, 12, 30, 50 people in our town, our area, our country. Now we have an opportunity to come together from across many countries, regions, cultures and languages, all with the same sense of being. It is time for a soul-encounter, mass-meeting, international gathering of our integral tribe. This is where the magic happens.

This is a celebration of the heart of the integral community!

We have an unparalleled chance for our hearts to burst open, our energy to surge high and to get into a wildly beautiful flow that takes us away and renews our systems. A flow that will last for many days before we all calm down again. Will you join us and get wildly “we”-entranced?

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