Fear is your teacher: don’t avoid it!

A life changing challenge – Allowing fear and finding comfort in peace

Most people don’t recognize fear when we talk about it. Once someone investigates oneself further we discover a lot of fears. Usually first recognized in the form of thoughts.


Allowing fear means to overcome our fear of fear.

Mostly fear frightens us, and it therefore makes sense to skip and deny it.

In other situations we might seek out fear as a sense of excitement. Like speeding in your car, practicing high risk sports and letting our bodies experience death in a rollercoaster and watching or reading detective novels etc. So from out of a safer mindset we experience fear as excitement and we can enjoy it. Experiencing fear in this way usually makes us feel very much alive.


So the mindset of a more or less controlled safety is influencing a lot whether we can allow fear in our bodies or not.

Could we influence that also in more subconscious layers of fear? Yes! It even brings more clearness with respect to how we respond to daily issues from out of subconscious fears or even old reaction patterns of former experiences in which we couldn’t save ourselves; trauma patterns.

For example, we all know the fear of being excluded, that’s why we want to be included. So a lot of effort is being put into being included; at home, at school, within our colleagues, with sports etc. But even if we are included we don’t feel really safe. That explains why we often exclude or reject others even though that doesn’t increase our sense of safety within the group.


This ongoing experience of acceptance or rejection keeps us out of our inner balance and out of a feeling of peace. As soon as we allow fear, we can rest into safety and experience the peace which lies within all of us.

You’re welcome to recognize your own patterns in this and allow them to settle within your body and feel the increasing experience of peace at the Integral European Conference in Siófok, Hungary.

“We toss and turn to provide ourselves in our needs

But there’s no rest, no trust within

Peace will escape us always

if we continue these primary patterns”


Presentation at IEC 2016

These times are very demanding for us as people, because it activates a lot of fear through big serious topics as refugee streams, terrorism, economic crisis etc. At the same time we have hardly the impression we have any influence on these matters and that causes a feeling of powerlessness. That activates our fear even more.

The effect of our fear is isolation. We contract ourselves out of unity. We can choose our unity in humanity. Get to know your own patterns and learn how you can influence them.


Inge Stevenson is a teacher in spiritual psychology. She is part of an international school of Spiritual Psychology ISSP (www.issp.nu). Further she runs two practices, one on the island she lives on and one in the city of Groningen. In these practices she works as a life coach and trauma therapist. Working with people to reduce suffering is her big passion.

Would you like to know more about this topic?  Do you have questions for the presenter? Join us for the second Integral European Conference 2016!

Inge Stevenson: From Fear to Unity – Wednesday 4th of May 14:00-17:00

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