Graphic recording: real-time visual results

Graphic recording: real-time visual results

Change is complex. It is not graspable mentally and using words. And still we wish meaningful change that lasts and that involves people with heart, mind and soul. Most conferences have no or only poor documentation in place. Even if yes, that documentation mostly consists out of very abstract textual minutes or linear Powerpoint. They come to life when facilitated through a participatory process and when in visualized in color, form and stories: They start to work on mind, heart and soul. They start to become tangible, sense- able and are fun. And the future can be experienced before it happens.   IEC2016 our community   It is especially useful when it comes to generating something valuable for those outside our community. Embracing those  that do not know what “teal” is and that you cannot reach using such jargon language. With a team of 20, that is exactly what Mathias from Visual Facilitators does: Working with high potentials in completely normal blue, orange, green organizations – and bringing in the spark of integral using the simple, impactful bridge that visualization is.   This is touching, and is sustainable. It is the highest art. It is what we can make use of when addressing the challenges ahead of us personally, in our organization and in the world.   Mathias will document IEC’s Reinventing Organisations track using live visualization (graphic recording), bitt the track as such as well as some selected sessions. Be curious! All visual results will be visible in real-time at the conference – the IEC team will share the visuals on site as well as via social media. 

Would you like to see the graphics in the process of their creation? Join the Integral European Conference!

WEITBRECHT_MATHIASMathias is an integral facilitator and visualization expert supporting change and transformation. He makes anything complex easy to understand through visuals. He and his team create access to multiple perspectives, patterns, group insight and “reveal the invisible obvious”. Doing so he includes innovative and integral approaches in a way that is compatible with projects, clients and systems. Based in Germany, he works all over Europe and globally. He is the author of a book on co-creation.

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