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Facilitators: Bence Gánti and Barbara von Meibom


Syria, Refugees, Europe: Collective Self-reflection in Rapidly Changing Times

The Syrian war triggered an unprecedented migration wave to Europe, joined by multitudes of refugees from other Middle Eastern and African countries, and now Europe faces the biggest refugee-migration combo since WWII. Europe isn’t prepared for such a sudden, large-scale change, and it has prompted Europe to re-think, renegotiate, and reinvent itself and its values. People at all developmental levels have become active and visible throughout Europe; all levels and value systems are speaking out louder than before: the emphatic green, the opportunistic orange, the traditionalist blue, the impulsive red, the tribal purple, the survival beige. In addition, each country has differing reactions within itself—and even that changes quickly. It is a rapidly changing time. The integral approach sees both the inherent dignity and the destructive shadow of each developmental stage and value-system and seeks collaborative, integrative solutions in which the core value of each value-system is met and woven into an integrated systemic solution. To be “integral” also means that we look inside and exercise selfexamination (left quadrants). Leaving our emotional-subjective side unexamined results in unconscious shadow behavior that is projected to a collective level, contributing to conflicts in society and dishonesty among communities. Examination of our emotionalsubjective side, on the other hand, results in actions that come from a place of compassion and wisdom, which bring balance and peace. Therefore, an honest individual and collective self-examination is necessary not only for the individual’s psychological wellbeing but also for the collective’s wellbeing and for national and international harmony and peace.


Where Do I Belong and What is My Reaction?

We as individuals have all of the different developmental stages active within us: we have the “tribal” layer of the self (my local region, family line, etc.), the national layer (my country), the European or continental (my part of the world), and the global (Earth). In a mature, integral approach, we examine and share these layers of our soul, which results in a much more real and honest examination of the current European situation than if we were to simply intellectualize about politics or play at being global, which might be trendy in post and post-postmodern circles. We’ll talk about ourselves, share honestly, express our personal thoughts through play, and beautifully engage with each other in simple, large-group exercises—all many hundreds of us together in the Main Hall.


The Sharing Circle of Nations

We will create the Sharing Circle of Nations, which will be very touching, real, and beautiful. We will learn more about each other as people and about each other’s countries—way beyond what we would ever hear on TV, through the media, or as tourists. Here, we get real and unveiled. This is the gathering where so many folks from so many different countries sit and talk and express what’s going on in their region and what’s going on in their soul. This way, as a big group, all of us can listen to the voice of every country. And in this process, all of us can connect to the universal human soul level—where we are one below the differences.


Collective Quest for the Soul of Europe

At this phase in the process, Europeans are searching for their European Soul. What is that? How can that be felt and expressed? Non-Europeans are invited to support this process by representing their regions, sharing their reflections on Europe, establishing a holding space, and connecting.


Inviting the Presence of the Global Being

Finally, we transcend and include Europe as a unity and let it merge into the global tapestry, fully interconnected with all others on Earth and all living beings. In the spirit of integral and multicolored unity, we collectively find our access point through all these levels, local to nationwide, continental to global. Loving, understanding, and weaving together all the levels into unity, releasing our identifications, we arrive at a place of undivided and connected presence.


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