moving body, still mind



Your arms and legs! The head, the toes and the twenty fingers! Bright colours. Patterns and shapes, the depth of the space around. The smell of the wooden floor! On this workshop we awake our body and the senses, and let our inner world to express itself through movement.

This is an opportunity for you to integrate your body and mind.

We invite the mind to come home and ease itself into the body. We invite nourishing presence, and with simple, yet multi-layered exercises we spread our awareness to the whole body. We used to have two eyes only. Now itʼs like seeing
with millions of eyes, with each cell of our body.


breath & flow

Take a deep, conscious breath! All the way in, all the way out. (donʼt yet read on, did you do it? :-)) Tuning into our breath we slow down and arrive into the time of our body. The flow of our breath is gradually opening the gateways to a flow of events that are about to happen; meaningful connections, perhaps a playful encounter here-and-there, honest communication through full-body-presence. Without words, led by the natural wisdom of the body. Letʼs dive deep into this experience. Letʼs allow it to happen!



Movement. Did you know that birth and also death is happening in this very moment in your body? Millions of cells are moving into life, and millions of cells are moving away. We are in constant motion; changing moment by moment.
Movement is change. Change is movement. Letʼs allow the body to express itʼs moving nature. Letʼs open our hearts and minds, and create a transformative experience together!

Bodytime is an opportunity for any movement to be expressed in itʼs
own, authentic way.

There is no right or wrong. There is no beautiful or ugly movement. This just is, the way it is. Different shapes, dynamics, different bodies. But… are we… different from each other? In this time and space, I invite you to embody total acceptance of yourself and of each other.

We learn trust from the body. It knows what itʼs doing. We just need
to listen, and be moved by it!

Different bodies different shapes. But… are we any different under
the surface of the skin?

Judit Szamosi

bodytime trainer/choreographer/dance artist

Szamosi Judit_web-2366

“My mission is to share the transformative power of movement with people!”

Movement and dance is present in my life since twenty-seven years. I work as a Bodytime trainer, choreographer and contemporary dancer. I have graduated at the Hungarian Dance Academy. Currently I study psychology. In this field I have six years of self exploration experience. It is like a never ending passion for me to discover who I am. Who is this evolving and transforming self, living in this body? I am committed to the journey of self exploration, and to push myself always one step further in order to connect deeper and deeper layers of my soul. I have studied dance, body awareness, relaxation and mindfulness techniques throughout the years in Hungary, Germany, USA, United Kingdom, Poland etc.

I am looking forward to meet you!

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Testidő-Bodytime from Judit Szamosi on Vimeo.

Judit Szamosi: Bodytime: Moving Body, Still Mind – Thursday 5th of May 9:00-12:00

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