Emerging Creativity – Experiental workshop for Integration of Feminine Qualities

The way of an integrated woman

From Maiden to Lover to Mother to Priestess to Crone, each stage of life informs and influences the others. By understanding the interplay between stages, women can develop a stronger sense of contentment and self-acceptance. This workshop is an essential contribution by realising and experiencing feminine qualities to women’s development, and to find a welcome home for both young and old.

These archetypes have been worked out by Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard in a research examining hundreds of women. Every quality has its purpose and time in life and are continuously in interaction. They are not meant in a traditional way of the words, rather to represent an energy, a manifestation of certain inner source.

Wheel of life

Feminine archetypes can be related to the stages of consciousness. One of my hypothesis is that they get activated at transcending of ego – before transpersonal stages. Some of them have a universal nature, and are present during most of the stages and some of them are related to special states of consciousness. These we try to reach by special music, meditation, dance and movement therapy elements.

Understand, seek it and dance it out.

This is the way we are going to find our female qualities one by one. Let your body tell you the truth and get into the flow of creative energy.

One of the keys to emerge your deepest creative energy is to get in your body and your movements mindfully, to connect with the depths of existence. To wake up the women’s body and to fine tune it for relation to its dignitiy we use oriental dance elements which are natural parts of women’s instinctive movements and gently harmonize the hormone system as well – supporting to change the state of consciousness. After reaching all of these qualities, you may experience being in motion and standstill at the same time, abuting upper and lower, inner and outer space – expressing yourself as you are, expressing everything which comes through your body and mind as it is. At the end it does not matter who you are, because you do exist.

This is being and this is natural creativity.

“We are not women by accident. This is the truest choice of your soul on the way to enlightenment, on the way to home.”

Veréb Szandra – Integral counselor, Doula and Oriental dancer


After graduating on Integral Academy, I work partially as an Integral Counselor. Currently my further education is running on Integrative Dance and Movement Therapy and Integrative Hypnotherapy. Since autumn 2014 I come along with individual self-xperience processes. I am highly interested in women’s development processes by nature, like pregnany, child care, so I was trained as a Doula in order to integrate this awareness to my work and help women to become a mother.

Dance, meditation, yoga and self-experience are organic parts of my life.

One of my biggest loves in ife is oriental dance, that I cultivate since 13 years. Numerous Egyptian, Arabic, European and American teachers have been visited by me. I was experiencing flow and relation to feminity at the first time while dancing it.

As a dancer and counselor in one I consider the connection to our body and as a women to our feminine side as vital. I am highly interested in the relation between body and consciousness and believe that it is one of the paths towards the fulfillment of human existence.


Join us. Be an integrated and creative woman – from your roots on to your present moment -, who is naturally related to her body.

Emerging Creativity – Experiental workshop for Integration of Feminine Qualities


Warm welcome from the field I hold for you at 9 am, 5 th of May on IEC, in room Ibiza I. I am looking forward to meet you there.

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