Participant’s Reflection on IEC 2016: Integral Participation through Open Thought and Open Mind

Jake Jay-Lewin, conference participant and life-long resident of Findhorn Community in Scotland, shares his thoughts and experience of the Integral European Conference 2016:

A lot has been said at the conference so far about the need for acknowledging and integrating aspects of ‘earlier’ parts of the spiral – within ourselves and our organisations – if we are to have any hope of ‘progressing’. Green can not become fully Yellow/Teal until Orange and Blue are present to some responsible degree.

When attending a conference such as the #16iec, where there is a strong split amongst participants – those with their centre in Orange, and those centered in Green – the need for this acknowledgment and integration extends beyond our personal/organisational paths for Growing Up and Waking Up and into the realm of basic debate and conversation.


Watching and participating in communications that have flowed smoothly from a business perspective, through academic, and into the spiritual, or philosophical (and back again) has been one of the continuously outstanding experiences of the #16iec. Through these simple dialogues we have been taking steps out of our comfortable and safe (colour) centres, into the vulnerable space that is the shadow of this (colour) or the scary centre grounds of the colours that may be harder for us to relate to. We are creating inspiring opportunities to be fully open to initiating the all important integration processes that are so integral to the much needed broader picture.

This tangible openness to being a responsible and integral participant surely makes the #16iec stand out from the crowd in its own right.

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