DAY 1 – Integral Community Tour, May 9th

After the Integral European Conference, part of the community embarked on a 3-day historic, cultural, spiritual and memetic journey – designed to be fun, with integral consciousness. It was an inner and outer journey to experience the spirit of deep Central Europe; to process the loaded conference experience (give time to digest) and to connect and bond with the community.

This album shows pictures from Day 1. It started with the Community Bus Experience spontaneous socializing hours with some sitting rotation, learn about facts and legends meanwhile and learning how to read the local language. Day 1 included a visit to a local spiritual man’s retreat farm and a feel into what shamanic spirituality is in this region. Then we visited Ó-puszta-szer National Heritage Park on the Great Plains of Hungary where Attila the Hun was buried.

In Ópusztaszer park one can feel the vibes of ancient times when the nation was still a nomadic, horse-riding Hun nation, living in yurts and coming from Central Asia. We saw a horse-show, villages and a 360-degree circular painting (cyclorama) giving a full 3D-effect experience of what happened here 1,000 years ago.

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