IEC2 Photo Albums: Pre-conference workshops on Wednesday – May 4th

In this album you see photos of the following workshops, people, presenters, participants from the pre-conference day, Wednesday. More photos (full album) will come with the IEC Materials Package. For that sign up to the right (orange button)!
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1.Terri O’Fallon, Kim Barta: Exploring Shadow Deepening Soul and Developmental Parenting: Raising a Child Raises You
2.Anandamali Nikola Ristic : Integral Satsang with Anandamali
3.Chris Clark: Three Breakthroughs of Next-Stage Organizations
4.George Pór, Jackie Thoms: How to Become a Teal Mentor
5.Ria Baeck, Luea Ritter : Understanding the Ecosystem of the Bigger Movements
6.Mo Riddiford: Authentic Confidence in communication (C)
7.Bettina Geiken : HOW Attention Creates Fields and Realities
8.Dina Kroumpane: Life-Stream Design
9.Emese Moricz : Face your Dragon
10.Inge Stevenson: From Fear to Unity
11.Vincent Grosjean: Beyond Frédéric Laloux
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