IEC Conference Opening: Bence, Dennis, Barbara May 5th

In this album you can see photos of the first part of the Integral European Conference’s Opening Afternoon. More photos (full album) will come with the IEC Materials Package. For that sign up to the right (orange button)!

In this FOCUS ALBUM you can see: Bence Ganti Dennis Wittrock and Barbara von Meibom who were anchoring the conference throughout 5 days. They did the opening part of IEC. Dennis and Bence gave their opening Address including the state or art of the integral movement retrospecting the last 20 years celebrating the strenght of the movement and also offering some critical reflections. Dennis called for the “true grown-ups” to stand up in the audience that ended in a standing ovation acknowledging his outspoken spirited speech. Bence reflected on what integral ledership means and why we have to integrate our earlier stages such as Wilber’s 2nd level magenta or SD purple which represents trust and bonding between integral people and belonging to an international community based on human relationships. Bence sees this as a possible prerequisite of the emergence of a deeper global community and also of a grounded and powerful integral ledership. Dennis and Bence mentioned the state of Europe from an integral perspective with EU’s re organization and the refugee crisis. The different strands of the integral world that were present at the conference were also welcomed: Ken Wilber, the Wilberian integral experts and practitioners, Dr.Don Beck, the international Spiral Dynamics leaders, Frederic Laloux and the Reinventing Organization’s Teal movement, the Holocracy experts and leaders, Integral Spirituality, transpersonal psychology, Stanislav Grof and the International Spiritual Emergency Network and their integration with the integral movement, the transformational group processes such as constellation flow and circling. Barbara also greeted the audience and has led a very funny and energizing exercise coding embodied wisdom messages from the ancient Chi Kung tradition.

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