In this album you can see the friday afternoon workshops. More photos (full album) will come with the IEC Materials Package. For that sign up to the right (orange button)! Below: click on the pics to enlarge and navigate with arrows!
See names and topics listed below and at the photo descriptions.

1.Thomas Hübl: Spiritual Competencies in Challenging Times

2.Jesse Mckay: Body of the Embodied Practitioner

3.Dirk Propfe, George Pór: What Is Next?

4.Bjørn Uldall: Let’s Generate Collective ’Knowing How-To’ Build Teal Organizations

5.Katherine Woods, Kenda Gaynham: Being Teal to Become Teal

6.Rainer von Leoprechting: Professional Success Story Gathering Circle

7.Dorothee Bornath, Iris Dick: Holacracy Supports the Journey to Teal

8.Suzanne Anderson: The Way of the Mysterial Woman

9.Gregor Steinmaurer: Calling Forth an Integral Masculinity

10.Brigitte Wingelmayr: Europe and I – a Mirror

11.Angela Halvorsen Bogo: Authentic Play

12.Stephanie Nowicki: Conscious Autobiographical Narrating
See the full album HERE

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