IEC Photo Album: Friday Afternoon Workshops, 7th of May

In this album you can see the friday afternoon workshops. More photos (full album) will come with the IEC Materials Package. For that sign up to the right (orange button)! Below: click on the pics to enlarge and navigate with arrows!
See names and topics listed below and at the photo descriptions.

1.Thomas Hübl: Spiritual Competencies in Challenging Times

2.Jesse Mckay: Body of the Embodied Practitioner

3.Dirk Propfe, George Pór: What Is Next?

4.Bjørn Uldall: Let’s Generate Collective ’Knowing How-To’ Build Teal Organizations

5.Katherine Woods, Kenda Gaynham: Being Teal to Become Teal

6.Rainer von Leoprechting: Professional Success Story Gathering Circle

7.Dorothee Bornath, Iris Dick: Holacracy Supports the Journey to Teal

8.Suzanne Anderson: The Way of the Mysterial Woman

9.Gregor Steinmaurer: Calling Forth an Integral Masculinity

10.Brigitte Wingelmayr: Europe and I – a Mirror

11.Angela Halvorsen Bogo: Authentic Play

12.Stephanie Nowicki: Conscious Autobiographical Narrating
See the full album HERE

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