European Constellation IEC 2016: REACTION-RESONANCE-RESPONSIBILITY (Part 2)


Shame and it’s role in the healing of Europe turned out to be at the core of the constellation. The prelude to this experience had been the morning talk of Thomas Hübl about the traumatic blockades in the collective consciousness of the European people. He framed this blockade with three words: Reaction –running on autopilot, lacking the skill to direct one’s own thinking, feeling and doing; Resonance – reacting consciously on the different levels; responsibility –giving value based responses, favourable integral, loving responses.

Do we reach responsibility? And what do we have to clear out of the way by diving deep into the subconscious traumatic level?

The constellation revealed a clear answer – the obstacle is shame. How did this come to evidence?

The representative of the European Soul left her throne shortly after the various other representatives (countries and supplementary energies) had entered the sacred space. She moved around, healing and (re)connecting various energies. After leaving her throne a young woman very decisively approached the soul’s throne and occupied it. People around her started to energize her, some tried to remove her form her place, but in vain. Her personal feed-back after the constellation: Never before in my life, I felt such a power for such a long time.

The situation only came to an end, when the representative of the soul started a strong move to uplift the throne, knowing that a soul has the right to intervene when the person/the collective is not in line with it’s purpose. From that moment on she got support. The throne was uplifted smoothly, turned to the side and a process of reconciliation and healing on the ground took place.

It has been a shock to many of us to understand, that the young strong woman who had usurped the throne of Europe’s soul, was the representative of shame. But on the deep level of sub- or unconsciousness this makes sense absolutely. The long lasting history of war and crime on the European soil, in which practically all countries had an active role – some more some less – has left it’s traumatic imprint of shame and guilt. As these feelings are so painful, they are put under a taboo and a tremendous amount of energy is used to keep them in the sub- or unconsciousness. But with the constellation process shame came into full evidence. It became evident as well, that we are energizing it by disconnecting with this feeling. On the other hand as the later process of the constellation showed, a tremendous healing potential is freed if we become aware of our shame, acknowledge it and open the way to a mature post-traumatic attitude of responsibility. This is the base for integral leadership in present times (read another article about the Constellation here)

Author team: 

Barbara von MeibomProf. Dr. Barbara v. Meibom is a former Univ. Prof. of Political and Communication Science and – based on a wide range of qualifications in humanistic and transpersonal approaches – she is a holder of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy. As director of Communio-Institute for the Art of Leadership in Berlin, she is dedicated to transformational processes on the micro-, meso- and macrolevel by training, teaching, coaching, lecturing and writing.


bence300Bence Ganti is Director of the Integral Academy, Hungary, and key organizer of the IEC in 2014 and 2016. Bence Ganti is an integrally oriented clinical psychologist, Vipassana meditator, internationally know speaker and teacher of the Integral Theory and inventor of the Integral Flow Therapy. He is a catalyst for deep emotional experiences and for transformational processes of persons, organizations and whole systems.;

peterPeter Kemény is an Integral therapist, working both as a personal coach and facilitating group sessions. He specializes in family constellations, working not only with family patterns, but also on karmic and archetypical levels. During constellations, he also applies energy healing techniques.


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