European Constellation IEC 2016: The poem (Part 5)

Written by: Nina R. Kledal

When I had to choose country, I was torn. I was born in Denmark and have lived most of my life there but I am also half American and I felt compelled to sit with the Americans. I felt right later on in the process as well. I was on the outer edge of the constellation and I felt I was holding the energy all through the process. I was not emotionally challenged in any way just watching Europe act and interact and feeling ‘her’ emotions, being there like a midwife. The next day I was overwhelmed and wasn’t able to participate in any workshops. Later, I realized that I was still holding the energy for Europe. Then I was able to relax.

Here are my notes/poem that came out of the constellation work at the conference:


Oh lord, forgive me
Oh lord carry me
Carry us in one big cradle
We are not alone
We are here for each other
Lets us undo all the wrong that has been done
We are a beautiful carpet of diversity spread out over land and oceans
I feel I must be a solid pillar of strength balancing all of the emotions
as they release out into the universe

We are diversity
We are brilliance
We are new strategies
We are new constellations





Nina R. Kledal
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