European Constellation IEC 2016: Slovakia and the Czech Republic (Part 8)

Slovakia and the Czech Republic separated in 1993, after a strong nationalistic move in Slovakia. The split has been peaceful but most of the population was opposing the decision, taken by the prime ministers Václav Klaus for the Czech Republic and Vladimír Mečiar for Slovakia. In history repeatedly both countries have been the battleground for opposing forces either due to the policy of the German Empire and/or Hungary and the Habsburg Monarchy. Nowadays both countries belong to the European Union but with different standing. While the Czech Republic is widely acknowledged as a vital member of the Union, Slovakia stays more at the edge.
The feed-backs of the representatives of Slovakia and of the Czech Republic and of many others involved show the deep traumatic wound within the collective consciousness in this regional area and the profound healing process needed. The representative of Slovakia reports:

“The majority of the time I spent in a mental state, which was on the edge of being aware what is happening around me and being totally “out of the game”… I considered myself being too unimportant to do anything about it or get involved. I was convinced that I am not interesting to ANYONE, that I cannot help anyone, I felt like a piece of furniture… After we revealed our names I realised that it is Trauma who was standing behind me and
supporting me for quite a long time… There were few people around me, trying to support me, I felt their love, but I wasn’t interested in anyone!”

People in the constellation discovered more and more what was going on with the representative of Slovakia, trying to to transform the evident feeling of isolation, separation and agony. Then an important encounter took place:


“I felt exhausted again; I felt that I cannot breathe. So I left the circle and lay down on the floor. Soon people appeared around me, no idea who they were, a girl lay down next to me. I heard her crying, but could not connect to her.”

After some recovering from the “no energy, shame, blaming myself place” with the support of a healer, she felt

“that I need to connect with the girl lying next to me, because she was in the same suffering. I found out that she is representing the Czech Republic. The strongest moment for me was, when we were sitting opposite each other and looking at each other, crying. I have no idea why she was crying, but I knew why I am crying. I told her in Slovak language (which was a HUGE thing for me, that I spoke my language and I knew that she understands) that I feel that she does not see me, that she is the important one and I don’t mean anything next to her. I saw in her eyes, that she understands and after a while she said “I see you, sister.” (in Czech language).

That was really healing for me, I felt that it was her, who I needed to feel, that sees me.

After the constellation process, I gained a new identity regarding my roots…Since the constellation the question of my origin became much more important than before. As a country representative I felt what a big impact on me (as a person) has the energy of my own country. It still feels messy, because the place where I was born is a Hungarian speaking area inside of Slovakia which was before Trianon treaty part of Hungary. Before I felt more or less “homeless”, because I didn’t consider myself being Slovakian nor Hungarian, it was something in between. Now I connected much more to the Slovakian roots, but something still needs to be cleared, because the feeling of being “abandoned” remained.”

And here the same encounter under the perspective of the representative of the Czech Republic:
“I was almost leaving the role but then girl on the floor. Tired, small, alone, in a deep process… I am drawn there, my whole system wants to lay there, I am losing my bearings, I have no idea what is happening, remembering just laying down next to her. Lots of heavy things going on, tears, sweat, anger, anger, anger. Calming hands all around me, I am not alone; I can let it pass through me. Pain of separation, not understanding why do I go away from connection? Anger, anger. I see her in peace and she noticing me, circle of people around us, we are meeting now, little smiles, little playful sister like smile, we are connected again. I say “sister”.


Author team:

Barbara von MeibomProf. Dr. Barbara v. Meibom is a former Univ. Prof. of Political and Communication Science and – based on a wide range of qualifications in humanistic and transpersonal approaches – she is a holder of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy. As director of Communio-Institute for the Art of Leadership in Berlin, she is dedicated to transformational processes on the micro-, meso- and macrolevel by training, teaching, coaching, lecturing and writing.

bence300Bence Ganti is Director of the Integral Academy, Hungary, and key organizer of the IEC in 2014 and 2016. Bence Ganti is an integrally oriented clinical psychologist, Vipassana meditator, internationally know speaker and teacher of the Integral Theory and inventor of the Integral Flow Therapy. He is a catalyst for deep emotional experiences and for transformational processes of persons, organizations and whole systems.;



Peter Kemény is an Integral therapist, working both as a personal coach and facilitating group sessions. He specializes in family constellations, working not only with family patterns, but also on karmic and archetypical levels. During constellations, he also applies energy healing techniques.

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