Two Types of Red in Islam? Spiral Dynamics by Elza Maalouf

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Elza is the living embodyment in putting integral into real life practice. A foremost student of Dr. Don Beck (Spiral Dynamics) and Ken Wilber (Integral Theory) she is the voices who helps us understand the Middle-East.

” There is not one but two types of red we face:
TypeA: Islamic Extrimist  / TypeB: Islamic Ruler
ISIS and Assad “

Ken Wilber just released his 90-page take on Trump last week and Elza opens our deeper understanding of the Middle-Eastern side of the subject: something we never get from the news. She comes from Lebanon and lives in California. She consults the head and the management of a large multinational company in Kuwait with branches in the Middle-East, Europe and London.

“False Blue Shariah in Red life conditions gives you legitimate Jihad”

Being an integral organizational coach in the purple-red Middle-East she transformed a red company to an integral company: from a red to yellow in the Middle-East! Now a company with smart blue, thriving orange and healthy green from a yellow design. Phenomenal!

“ ISIS is a 6th century regressed society funded by the Saudi’s Wahabi government from their orange oil revenue…”

We share with you this uncut full lenght audio recording from the IEC 2016 conference materials. It is freely available for one week. In the conference materials package you can also view Elza speak in HD video.

“Assad’s Blue ideology in Red life conditions gives you a secular Red”

So how we design an integral plan for the refugees? – gets Elza to the point. It’s packed with info and puts the pieces together. We teach each other in the global integral community. The IEC conference continues now with these teaching materials!

How about a hundred other great voices of intergal?
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